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Their are many different fetishes, too many in fact to go into any great depth here, but it has to be said that we have many many members so you will undoubtedly find someone who has similar fetishes to you. Here are some examples of the type of fetishes our members have, but there are many more ideas in our members area:

~ punishment ~ foot worship ~ edgeplay ~ breathplay (erotic asphyxiation) ~ suffocation ~ strangulation ~ gunplay ~ bloodplay ~ sadism ~ masochism ~ BDSM ~ fat fetish ~ humiliation ~ animal roleplay ~ bondage ~ golden showers ~ spanking ~ facesitting ~ fear play ~ rape fantasy ~ servitude ~ sexual slavery ~ adult spanking ~ and many many more .......

Find a Mistress.  Find a Slave.
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User ID Alize

I'm online nearly every day chatting with users. It's a great environment for meeting like-minded lovers. Keep up the good work guys....xxx


User ID MikeDomino

I have been a member for 12 months now and meet women regualrly, some just once, some more often - LOVE IT!


User ID JennyObeys

I wanted to be obedient. I needed to find a man who could use and command me. I did on your site - thank you so much!


User ID Cat

I'm a very dominant lady and I love to play out my fantasys with men from Mistress ans slave.


Dom and Sub

Do you have desire for a mistress or a wish for a slave? Our members are both Dom and sub who are looking for partners either for short or long-term relationships.

Masters and Slaves

Perhaps you are looking for a female slave or foot mistresses? Here you can quickly find a foot slave by searching through our foot women adverts. They really enjoy your foot worship and get a kick out of your humiliation.

submissive women

Online we have men seeking mistresses for punishment, suffocation and really serious mistresses too. We can also find a Slave 4 U. Online are many UK slave girls or strict mistresses who enjoy your submission. Are you looking for a submissive man or a submissive female? Here you can find a submissive wife or a submissive woman (or even submissive women!).

Are you a dominant submissive or a dominant woman who just loves to dominate her submissive partner? Are you looking for dommes so that you can undertake some fantasy roleplay? Do you really enjoy female dominance? On Mistress and Slave UK you can quickly find a female dominant who enjoys slave training and strangulation. Are you a dominatrix who enjoys breathplay? Are you into dominance and submission,dominant. Do you want to have dominant and submissive elationships? Are you looking for UK dominant men who will enjoy your dominant stories?

Find a Mistress.  Find a Slave.
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